THE SWEATPANT ♡ Aura Sugar Co. tie-dye boyfriend sweatpant with beaded detail

  • $78.00

BFF & BABES signature pastel tie-dye sweatpants comes with a one of a kind customizable beaded charm handmade by Aura Sugar. Co. for one stunning collaboration. The pant charm features a word of your choice in a text color of your choosing with colorful camp beads on either side! Alternately, if you would rather have colorful camp beads with no text, that is also an option!

Each item is hand dyed just for you! Variations in colors and tones are to be celebrated. As each item is dyed, washed & dried during the tie-dye process, your item is pre-shrunk. We suggest sizing up if you like an oversized fit. Like your favorite vintage tee, tie-dye does fade with wash and wear. Washing in cold water with minimal detergent will prolong the color life of your item. Each item is unique, just like you.

Beads come on a clasp chain and are removable for easy, safe washing.