PINKY SWEAR TOTE ♡ personalizable patch tie-dye tote bag

  • $20.00

A standard sized tote in a shibori pink, purple, blue tie-dye.


Blank - Order your tote blank with no letters
Custom - Add one pink initial patch of your choice. Patches are iron on. 

100% natural cotton canvas


~ 14.5 inches tall
~ 15.5 inches wide
~ 10 inch straps
This tote fits books, groceries, a laptops and various gifts.

Machine washable.

This tote washes very well and the 20% polyester blend makes the totes wrinkle resistant so if it gets dirty or something spills on it all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine to get it clean again. Totes have been pre-washed and we suggest washing them separately for their first at-home wash. We also suggest only washing when they are dirty.

Note to buyer: please keep in mind variations in colors and design patterns occur, as each tote is unique and hand-dyed to order. Exact photos from listings cannot be duplicated but can be used as inspiration for your order!